Lubosh Valenta

Lubosh Valenta

Mr. Lubosh Valenta was born on August 3, 1965 in Moravia, where he also spent his entire childhood.

He has always enjoyed painting and the idea of an artistic career came to his mind at the age of 18, inspired by a close friend who has been involved in oil painting since childhood and aroused great enthusiasm in it.

His desire for free decision-making and travel, disagreement with the political and economic situation in the former Czechoslovakia, led him to emigrate to Canada in the summer of 1989. In Canada, he spent time mainly studying English and looking for different way of life. However, after a short time, thanks to the revolution in Czechoslovakia and the relaxation of the situation, he returned in 1990. He spent the first years after his return in Moravia, but in 1994 he moved to Prague and began to realize his dreams.

After less than a year, active pencil drawing brought him to oil painting. His work was initially influenced by S. Dali's paintings, and therefore he devoted himself thematically mainly to surrealist, and later to realistic, painting. The thematic change occurred when a friend asked him to paint her act for her husband. Figural painting captivated him and he began to devote himself fully to it. Another popular topic for him was abstracts. When creating one of them, the first abstract concept of the face was created and even that became his favorite direction after that.

An important turning point in his work happened several years ago - he discovered the "artistic spatula". After his first attempts at this instrument, he knew that was exactly what he had been looking for throughout his artistic development. Nowadays, he focuses only on the modern concept of painting with this technique and on larger canvas formats, whether oil or acrylic paints.

Other attractions related to painting:

In 2000, he founded the first portal in the Czech Republic dealing with amateur artists under the name AO (Amateur Picture Gallery). Its activity was terminated only in 2004, at that time it already brought together thousands of artists across the country and listed tens of thousands of exhibited works.

In 2019, his paintings were used for the CD cover of the famous cellist Petr Nouzovský, accompanied by Gérard Wysse, playing compositions by the world-famous Bohuslav Martinů.

Interesting facts from private life:

Most popular sport: Freediving. He loves the silence and beauty of the "other world" below the surface, which is also a great mental inspiration for him in his art.

Mr. Lubosh Valenta has divorced 3 times, and with his current partner, who is by 20 years younger, has been lifiving already for 6 years.

In addition to authorial work, Lubosh paints custom nudes. He creates paintings mainly for his joy, but also for the joy of his surroundings. Their sale always exhausted him and dampened his artistic work. He therefore agreed with Lindhouse to represent him. Thanks to this cooperation, several exhibitions and openings are planned in the near future, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.